GA and Identity

There may be a deeper parallel between the mission of GlobeAlive, which is to create a search engine of live people, rather than websites, and the mission of PingID, which appears to be to create a data set for each individual on the web that automatically tells advertisers, companies (and perhaps other people in general) what they're interested in and more importantly, what they're not. GA could help if this concept was extended to person-to-person interactions.

The Core Concept of GlobeAlive

In it's most abstract form, GA intended to help do for people what the Internet did for information. Right now, if you want a piece of information, you can use a search engine and get it, thanks to the web. But if you want a person? The WWW links websites, but it doesn't link people. Not really. If I want to talk to a person, I have to go to chat rooms, or find out a phone number/email address/Yahoo ID, etc. But how do I know in advance who I need to talk to? All I know is that I need an answer, a problem solved, and that search engines aren't helping me. I know that someone out there online right now has my answer or my solution. I know the kind of person I need to talk to, but there's no way to just punch in a keyword and find them.

How to Be Discovered

The idea is that the internet might be a better place if everyone online had a profile of keywords (or any other form of data set), etc that they chose to describe themselves/their product/service, etc. Then their business (or in some cases personal) contact information, whether it's chat/phone/email could be found through a search engine when people punch in their keyword(s). Of course, one of their preferences in such a profile could include whether or not they'd want to show up in such a search result at all. But if someone is selling a product or service, or would like to meet people that share one's precise set of interests, than it would make sense to be in the "people's" search results. GlobeAlive has already used this model to make a "chat engine" so that anyone who is available for chat on the search topic at hand shows up in our search results.

We're considering getting as many of our experts at to join the blog movement. It would help visitors know which expert to choose and help experts talk to the visitors when they're not live. It would enhance their profile page enormously. Do bloggers chat much? If so, we should probably try to find ways to bring as many bloggers on board with GA as possible.