Blogging Alive

It's possible there's a connection between GlobeAlive and the blogging movement. Blogging is about people-- their opininions, their lives, their interests, their position on the day's events. Bloggers want to be heard, and they want to be plugged in to what other bloggers are saying. GlobeAlive may be able to help that happen.

Bloggable Search Results

In terms of connecting people, GA could help connect bloggers, so that the GA search results would include bloggers as another subset of the "people results," which now include the categories-- experts, business owners and conversationalists. But that's not particularly revolutionary, as Google and other search engines may already do this better.


It's more likely that the GA chat-based search engine has more to offer bloggers in terms of live blogging, a BlogAlive. I see that is not taken. There are several possibilities on what this would be like and I have to think about them.



After listening to Britt Blaser, founder of XpertWeb, I'm beginning to see how his model fits in with GA and with the Identity project.

The XpertWeb Advantage

Britt has created a simple agreement that will allow XpertWeb to grow without any corporation behind it. Every transaction would involve two self-hosted pages, so that no third-party would serve as the go-between. Anyone who buys or sells products or services, which is of course everyone, could join XpertWeb. One would not be joining a company, but merely participating in an agreement.

The Live Search Engine

We just broadened the front page concept at GlobeAlive to include the business owners and conversationalists as well as the experts. I hope that helps return to the idea of a live search engine rather than an expert site, which GlobeAlive is not.


The World Live Web

The original idea of GlobeAlive was even more abstract than the current site. It was the "world live web", an entry point where the user could tell a live person what it was they wanted or needed, whether it was information or a product or service, and the live host operator would connect the user with a live person who had the answer, the product or the service. A live, one-stop-world.