Kaolin Fire

Got to meet Kaolin in Berkeley while I was in town for the BlogOn. Had some chai and walked around a cool part of Oakland. We talked about social software and played around with the idea of a sort of wikimeme pool, supported by a P2P network, whereby you could push any content, such as a question/statement/document/whatever into the weme (short for "wikimeme") pool, and others viewing the weme pool in real time could pull anything out of the weme pool, change it or respond to it, and push it back into the weme pool, thus creating this live pool of interactions.

Technorati's Makeover

What do people think of Technorati's new look. Very clean, very green. Nice big bold "world live web," I wonder if I'm going to have to take down GlobeAlive's old "world live web" header, hope not, but see a "TM" next to Technorati's logo.

Alive Again

I've decided to revive this blog for freeblogging. At Wondir Land I'm representing Wondir and at the Daily Wondir I'm showcasing the best of Wondir, but here I can just blog about whatever.